EnaBolt 2a Orange - Carton of 200

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Product Information

The EnaBolt 2a is a high strength bolt seal with the convenience of being packaged as a matched pair via a connected barrel and pin. The barrel and pin are both textured at key points to provide evidence of tampering if sufficient pressure is exerted on the textured surfaces (ie. put in a vice or chuck).

Various EnaBolt 2s colours available

Barcode ready

more efficient, less mistakes with number recording


preventing high speed tampering spinning techniques


  EnaBolt 2a EnaBolt 3 EnaBolt 4 EnaBolt 5a EnaBolt 6 EnaBolt 7 HanaLock
barrel length 37.0mm 18.0mm 17.0mm 33.8mm 32.2mm 34.0mm  
barrel diameter 23.5mm 20.0mm 18.0mm 24.5mm 18.5mm 15.0mm 22.8mm
pin length 84.5mm 87.0mm 70.0mm 85.55mm 74.0mm 74.0mm  
pin diameter 8.0mm steel pin
(10.0mm inc. coating)
4.0mm cable wire 5.0mm steel pin
(7.0mm inc. coating)
8.0mm steel pin
(11.0mm inc. coating)
8.0mm steel pin 8.0mm steel pin
(11.0mm inc. coating)
8.0mm (uncoated)
12.6mm (coated)
material steel
abs plastic
abs plastic
abs plastic
abs plastic
abs plastic
abs plastic
abs plastic
locking distance 44.0mm 54.0mm 44.0mm 48.0mm 48.0mm   54.0mm (uncoated)
45.9mm (coated)
break strength >1,500kg-f >660kg-f >500kg-f >1,500kg-f >1,200kg-f >1,500kg-f >1,000kg-f
export friendly yes no no yes yes yes yes
iso/pas 17712 yes     yes yes yes yes
anti-spin yes no no yes yes yes yes, limited
encapulation no no no no no yes no
feature   flexible cable         130 deg. rotation limit


Features ISO/PAS 17712 compliant
8mm steel pin diameter
ABS coating provides evidence of tampering of seal body
Barrel and pin are connected as a matched pair for convenience
Material Pin: Steel
Barrel: Steel
Body: ABS plastic
Colours Orange
Dimensions Barrel diameter: 16mm
Pin diameter: 8mm (10mm inc. coating)
Perch width: 18mm (23.5mm inc. coating)
Markings Orange, Yellow & White
Serial numbers on pin and barrel
Code 128 Barcode

Serial numbers on pin and barrel

* Note that the red colour EnaBolt 2a does not have barcoding.
Print method Laser engraved
Breaking strength Tensile strength of 20kN
Shear strength of 8.9kN
Bending strength of 67Nm
Applications Cargo containers
Trailer vehicle doors
Rail freight
Customisations Custom markings

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
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