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Need help with buying? Not sure what the difference between total-transfer labels and non-transfer labels? Why choose bolt seals over cable seals? Well, you've come to the right place to find out.

Travel with peace of mind

20 December 2023   by frequent flyer  

Travelling anywhere soon? You should be using LuggageLock™. Find out why.

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Which Bolt seal do I use? (2023 edition)

20 December 2023   by usain  

We have a wide range of bolt seals that will sure to meet your requirements.

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Don't cut the tails off your pull-tight seals

18 June 2015   by PSA  

The tails of pull-tight seals stick out, right? Do you trim them to get them out of the way? We'll tell you why you should refrain from trimming them off, and what you should do instead.

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Hot stamping, laser engraving, and other printing options

17 June 2015   by print spooler  

Plastics seals have an impressive array of flexible printing options, ranging from hot stamping, laser engraving, thermal transfer overprinting, and inkjet printing. Which is the best printing method?

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Payment options

9 June 2015   by accounts receivable  

What payment options are available?

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Total-Transfer vs Non-Transfer vs Destructible Labels

1 June 2015   by B-Sealed  

Total transfer, non-transfer, destructive... sounds technical? In this guide, we go through their differences and when you'd use each type.

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Bolt seals vs Cable seals

25 May 2015   by B-Sealed  

Wondering what's the difference between bolt seals and cable seals? This guide will explain.

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ZipLocks, what are they and how do they work?

by zzzzzzz  

ZipLock reusable bags require ZipLock seals to secure them. Confused? Here's how they work.

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