Which Bolt seal do I use? (2023 edition)

Author: usain   Date Posted:20 December 2023 

Why so many types of bolt seals?

Bolt seals must adhere to stringent standards, like ISO 17712 for freight containers in international shipments. While other industries may not require such elevated standards, we strive to offer a diverse selection of bolt seals that can meet various needs and specifications.

So what should I be using?

Are you exporting goods overseas? If you are, you should be considering our EnaBolt 1cEnaBolt 5a, EnaBolt 6 and EnaBolt 8. All are ISO 17712 compliant, with EnaBolt 5a and EnaBolt 6 meeting the highest ISO 17712 & C-TPAT.

Are you moving goods inter-Australia via rail, domestic use or simply just looking for a cheap barrier seal. If you are, take a look at our EnaBolt 3EnaBolt 4 and EnaBolt mini seals.

What makes them different?

EnaBolt 1c comes with matching serial numbers on barrel and pin. Barcoded for convenience.

The EnaBolt 1c is a non-spin high security container seal

The EnaBolt 3 features a steel cable body to allow you to get into locking holes that don't necessarily line up perfectly.

EnaBolt 3 available

EnaBolt 4 fulfils its role as a barrier seal with a pull strength of over 500kg and requires a bolt cutter to remove it. It's narrow 7mm pin is also ideal for securing narrow orifices.

Both pin and barrel are laser engraved with matching numbers.

EnaBolt 4a is a refined version of the popular EnaBolt 4. It includes an anti-spin pin while retaining the robust construction of a 5mm steel pin.

EnaBolt 5a has our highest security features such as anti-spin, a 18mm steel perch and laser engraved markings on both barrel and pin.

Various EnaBolt 5a colours available

Similarly, EnaBolt 6 naked bolt seal is also a ISO 17712 & C-TPAT.

Laser marked

EnaBolt 8 is our all-metal bolt seal that is designed to enhance recyclability.

And lastly our Enabolt mini is our cheap and economical indicative bolt seals.

Suitable for small locking holes.

Can I customise the bolt seals with my name on it?

Of course, all our bolt seals can be customised, so feel free to ask us for options such as colours and markings. There may be a minimum order quantity required for customised seals.