JawLock 250 Blue - Carton of 1,000

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Sealing cabinets Sealing carts Sealing poker machines Sealing tautliners Sealing valves Sealing equipment Sealing truck doors Sealing containers 


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Product Information

The JawLock is a seal with a small diameter stem, allowing it to fit through small locking holes, while a large tag provides plenty of surface for printing. Its locking mechanism consists of an embedded metal jaw which provides high security whilst providing a user-friendly smooth locking action.

New and sustainable range of products by B-Sealed, includes JawLock BIO+. We have added biodegradable additives to help break down those plastics. Of course we still always recommend recycling as the best method. 

Various JawLock options available

JawLock used on a secure box
BagelSeal 2
BagelSeal 2 240
mini-JawLock 150
mini-JawLock 150
mini-JawLock 200
mini-JawLock 200
mini-JawLock 400
mini-JawLock 400
JawLock 250
JawLock 250
maxi-JawLock 400
maxi-JawLock 400
maxi-JawLock 500
maxi-JawLock 500
Breaking strength 15kg-f 12kg-f 12kg-f 12kg-f 12.5kg-f > 35kg-f > 35kg-f
Stem length 240mm 150mm 200mm 400mm 250mm 400mm 500mm
Stem diameter 2.5mm 2.0mm 2.0mm 2.0mm 2.2mm 4.0mm 4.0mm
Tag size 48.8mm x 20mm 50mm x 18mm
LT version
30mm x 18mm 30mm x 18mm 55mm x 28mm 67.5mm x 30mm 67.5mm x 30mm
Jaw type Metal jaw Metal jaw Metal jaw Metal jaw Metal jaw Metal jaw Metal jaw
Tear off None Optional Optional Optional Side tear off Optional Optional



Features Approved by UK and US Customs and Border Protections.
Small strap diameter is suitable for applications with small sealing apertures.
Smooth strap is more user friendly than conventional strap designs.
Stainless steel spring locking mechanism enhances security once applied.
Optional biodegradable additives to help break down the plastic.
Material Jaw: Stainless steel
Body: Polypropylene plastic

Jaw: Stainless steel
Body: Polypropylene plastic with biodegradable additives
Colours Yellow
White Laser (BIO+)
Orange Laser (BIO+)
Yellow Laser (BIO+)
Dimensions Stem diameter: 2.2mm
Stem length: 250mm

Flag length: 55mm
Flag width: 28mm
Markings Serial numbers
* May include B-Sealed markings
Print method Hot stamped
Laser engraved
Breaking strength 12.5kg-f
Applications Security tote boxes
Gaming machines
Tanks and drums
Cash bags and coin boxes
Truck doors and side-curtains
Ballot boxes
Customisations Custom markings
Laser engraved
Side tear off

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
For more information bsealed.co/jawlock