X-Safe 30mm Round Holographic Label, Crystal-art

Tamper evident labels

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Product Information

Oooo shiny.. These holographic style labels are designed to be eye catching and are usually enough to warn people that these labels are special. Any attempts to peel them will just rip and tear rather than being removed whole.

Holographic labels are self-adhesive labels that void themselves when removed. A key anti-counterfeit feature is the additional difficulty of getting an identical replacement. The labels will typically void themselves to prevent unauthorised reuse.

Various holographic labels available

Adhesive type

PARTIAL-TRANSFER - where an adhesive layer with a void message is left behind on the surface to show evidence of tampering. The adhesive layer may be cleaned off on some surfaces to allow reuse of the sealed object. The security label also exhibits the void message to prevent the reuse of the label. By leaving a void message on the surface, recipients will know that the object has been accessed and tampered with.

Types of voiding available


Features Customisable printing on request
Customisable sizes
Material Polyster
Colours Silver holographic
Dimensions 30mm diameter circular
Markings None
Serial numbered
* Markings may vary. Specific and customised markings available.
Print method Thermal transfer overprint available
Adhesive type Partial Transfer pressure sensitive
Applications Packaging cartons
Customisations Custom markings

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
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