Ark TS2505 Tablet Protective Case

314 x 232 x 40mm

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Product Information

Ark™ Tablet Series Case

Ark™ Cases are rugged, water-proof carry cases that come in a wide variety of dimensions and weights. They can be ordered with gridded-foam inserts which can be plucked out to create custom cutouts to fit items snugly and securely. Some are wheeled for easy mobility while others have retractable handles for luggage-like wheeling. Most Ark™ Cases have locking holes so they may be secured by padlocks and security seals.. 

ergonomic rubber feel grip

Features a ergonomic rubber feel grip.

open flat

Open flat.

tablet snap open position

Tablet latch open position.

table snap latch closed

Tablet latch closed position.

automatic pressure equalisation valve

Pressure valve.

secured with security seal

Carry strap.


Features Waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof
Waterproof IP67 rating
Automatic pressure equalisation valve
Snap latch
Locking holes
Dimensions Interior (L×W×D): 314 x 232 x 40mm
Exterior (L×W×D): 332 x 261 x 49mm
Lid Depth: 18mm
Base Depth: 22mm
Weight 0.83kg
Material Body: ABS
Foam: Polyurethane
Colour Black
Opening angle Approx. 180°
Operating temperature -40°C to 90°C
Applications -
Customisations Custom markings

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