ArrowLock AL11 Bio+

with biodegradable additives

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Sealing drums Trays & tote boxes Boxes & cases Sealing containers Sealing carts 


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Product Information

The ArrowLock range of seals are designed to work specifically with certain models of tote boxes.

We have seals for several popular brands of tote boxes but they must be tested with your boxes to ensure they work correctly.

If the ArrowLock fail to fit properly with your boxes a seal such as PullTotemini-JawLock and BagelSeal 2 are good options to fall back on.

New and sustainable range of products by B-Sealed, includes ArrowLock BIO+. We have added biodegradable additives to help break down those plastics. Of course we still always recommend recycling as the best method. 

Various ArrowLocks available
Push to lock
Various ArrowLock heads available


Features Specially designed locking mechanism for specific models of tote boxes.
Easily sealed. Saving up to 70% of sealing time as compared to variable length seals.
Requires no tool for removal.
Moulded with high quality food grade polypropylene.
Optionally come in numbered pairs.
Material Polypropylene plastic
Colours Light Blue
Markings Serial numbers
Print method Laser engraved
Applications Retail/chain stores
Distribution centres
Records management/archive storage
Customisations Custom markings

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
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