BagelSeal 2 145 BT (Out of Service)

Round smooth pull tight seals

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Sealing poker machines Sealing cash boxes Multi purpose 


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Product Information

Incorporating a stainless steel jaw, the BagelSeal 2 takes the smooth round-stem seal design further by surrounding the steel jaw in a plastic capsule and embedding that into the seal body. This results in a clean, slick design and is reliable and easy to use.

The insertion point is clearly marked with deeply embossed instructions next to the point of entry to ensure that the seal is properly applied.


Security Seals Online can provide you with wide range of customised seals. We can engrave using your own artwork or create a design for you. We offer a speedy service with a short lead-time.

Enhanced security features by adding your own markings or logo to the security seals.
Create additional instructions for your users.
Emphasise warnings.
Provide additional notes.

We provide different styles of security seals, ranging from pull tight seals to security labels.

Please note that the security seals will often already include a serial number. They may also include manufacturing markings too. Additional markings will be printed on the back side of the seal.

To accommodate other customised requests may include a minimum order quantity. If you need help with customising, just send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Features Encapsulated stainless steel locking jaw
Extra large tag (BT / Big Tag version)
Insertion point is embossed into the seal
Material Jaw: Stainless steel
Body: Polypropylene plastic
Colours Yellow
Dimensions Stem diameter: 2.0mm
Stem length: 145mm
Flag length: 105mm
Flag width: 65mm
Markings Front
Serial numbers

Out of service
Print method Laser engraved
Breaking strength Average 15kg-f
Applications Domestic containers
Customisations Various colour
Logo and other markings
Laser engraved / Hot stamped
Serial numbers
Barcodes & QR codes (laser)
For more information
Request a quote for larger order quantities and inquire about our customised branding options