Kraft mailer envelope bag

honeycomb padding

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Product Information

The kraft paper envelope mailer is an environmentally friendly mailing solution crafted from biodegradable kraft paper. Its innovative design incorporates a honeycomb paper layer to provide both protection and padding for the contents. This sustainable mailer offers a combination of durability and eco-consciousness, making it an ideal choice for shipping a wide range of items while minimising environmental impact.


Features Honeycomb paper layer.
Made of biodegradable kraft paper.
Material Kraft paper
Sizes 70mm x 100mm
150mm x 210mm
210mm x 300mm
315mm x 450mm

Customise sizes available.
Markings Blank

Customised markings available. Ask one of our product specialist for some options.
Adhesive type Standard strong adhesive
Customisations Various colour
Logo and other markings
* Minimum order quatities apply
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