CableSeal Micro 1.5mm Blue - Pack of 100

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Product Information

Designed to be as small as possible, the CableSeal Micro features a discrete size without compromising on cable diameter, to provide barrier level security in a body only 14x24mm large. Manufactured from lightweight aluminium extrusion with die-casted zinc alloy locking mechanisms, the CableSeal Micro is suitable for outdoor use. The aluminium casing is anodised to allow high contrast print when laser engraved.


Security Seals Online can provide you with wide range of customised seals. We can engrave using your own artwork or create a design for you. We offer a speedy service with a short lead-time.

Enhanced security features by adding your own markings or logo to the security seals.
Create additional instructions for your users.
Emphasise warnings.
Provide additional notes.

We provide different styles of security seals, ranging from pull tight seals to security labels.

Please note that the security seals will often already include a serial number. They may also include manufacturing markings too. Additional markings will be printed on the back side of the seal.

To accommodate other customised requests may include a minimum order quantity. If you need help with customising, just send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Various CableSeals micro 1.5mm colours available
Size comparison

Braided steel cable

will splay upon cutting to prevent rejoining

Annodised & laser engraved

for high contrast and easy-to-read printing
CableSeal 1.5mm
CableSeal 1.5mm
CableSeal Micro 1.5mm
CableSeal Micro 1.5mm
CableSeal 2.5mm
CableSeal 2.5mm
CableSeal 2.5mm+ 1000mm
CableSeal 2.5mm+
CableSeal 3.5mm
CableSeal 3.5mm
CableSeal 5.0mm
CableSeal 5.0mm
Break strength 250kg-f 250kg-f 450kg-f  450kg-f > 1,000kg-f > 1,000kg-f
Wire length 300mm 200mm 300mm 1,000mm 300mm 300mm
Wire diameter 1.5mm 1.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm 3.5mm 5.0mm
Locking length 25mm 24mm 25mm 25mm 25mm 28mm
Locking width 20mm 14.0mm 20.5mm 20.5mm  27.6mm 37mm
Locking height 6.3mm 4.9mm 6.3mm 6.3mm  8mm 9mm



Features Lightweight aluminium casing with die-casted zinc alloy components
Seals are laser engraved with a variety of custom printing options
Cables are non-preformed steel and will splay upon cutting thereby preventing rejoining
Easy to pull-through locking mechanism will lock upon insertion and prevent pull-back
Material Cable: Braided steel cable
Body: Aluminium alloy
Colours Red
Dimensions Cable length: 200mm
Cable diameter: 1.5mm

Locking body length: 24mm
Locking body width: 14mm
Locking body height: 4.9mm

Serial numbers
Barcode, Code 128

Serial numbers
Barcode, Code 128
Customised markings (back side)

* May include B-Sealed markings

Print method Laser engraved
Breaking strength Tensile strength greater than 250kg-f
Applications Shipping containers
Rail freight
Utility meters & valves
Plastic distribution boxes
Valves in petrochemical industry
Recycled water taps
Customisations Custom markings
Cable length

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
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