EnaBolt 3 Dark Green - Carton of 200

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Sealing containers Sealing truck doors Intermodal containers 


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Product Information

The EnaBolt 3 is a bolt seal with a special feature. A steel cable provides flexibility to the body of the bolt to get into locking holes that don't line up perfectly.

EnaBolt 3 available

Steel cable

welded internally to the bolt

Comparison Table

  EnaBolt 2a EnaBolt 3 EnaBolt 4 EnaBolt 5a EnaBolt 6 EnaBolt 7 HanaLock
barrel length 37.0mm 18.0mm 17.0mm 33.8mm 32.25mm 34.0mm  
barrel diameter 23.5mm 20.0mm 18.0mm 24.5mm 18.5mm 15.0mm 22.8mm
pin length 84.5mm 87.0mm 70.0mm 85.55mm 74.0mm 74.0mm  
pin diameter 8.0mm steel pin,
10.0mm with coating
4.0mm cable wire 5.0mm steel pin,
7.0mm with coating
8.0mm steel pin 8.0mm steel pin 8.0mm steel pin,
11.0mm with coating
8.0mm (uncoated)
12.6mm (coated)
material steel, abs plastic steel, abs plastic steel, abs plastic steel, abs plastic steel, abs plastic steel, abs plastic steel, abs plastic
locking distance 44.0mm 54.0mm 44.0mm 48.0mm 48.0mm 48.0mm 54.0mm (uncoated)
45.9mm (coated)
break strength >2000kg-f >660kg-f >500kg-f >2000kg-f   >2000kg-f >1000kg-f
export friendly yes no no yes yes yes yes
anti-spin yes no no yes yes yes yes, limited
iso/pas 17712 yes yes   yes yes yes yes
encapulation no no no no no yes no
feature anti-spin flexible cable   anti-spin anti-spin anti-spin 130 deg. rotation limit


Features 4.0mm diameter carbon steel cable for strength while providing flexibility.
Made up of multiple strands of wire to make it difficult to rejoin
Plastic enclosure for the barrel is made of high quality ABS material to withstand impact
Components made of A3 iron for durability
Material Pin: Steel cable
Barrel: Steel
Body: ABS plastic
Colours Green

Barrel diameter: 18mm
Pin diameter: 4mm
Pin length: 87mm

Markings Serial number on barrel
Print method Hot stamped
Breaking strength Tensile strength of 9.8kN
Applications Applications
Cargo containers
Trailer vehicle doors
Rail freight
Customisations Custom markings

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
For more information bsealed.co/enabolt3