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Intermodal containers Sealing truck doors Sealing containers 


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Product Information

Need some cost-effective barrier seal? EnaBolt 4 fulfils the role of a barrier seal with a pull strength of over 500kg while requiring a bolt cutter to remove. The narrow diameter pin is ideal for securing narrow orifice.

Please note that EnaBolt 4 is not suitable if you are exporting containers out of Australia. However it's great for domestic use.


Security Seals Online offers a diverse range of customisable security seals tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have your own artwork or require a unique design, our services are designed to meet your requirements with prompt delivery.

Enhance security by adding your own markings, logo, user instructions, or warning messages to the seals. We provide various styles, including pull-tight seals and security labels. Please be aware that our security seals typically come with a serial number and manufacturing markings.

Enjoy a rapid turnaround, thanks to our local manufacturing facilities, with most orders dispatched within 24-48 hours. While we strive for this quick turnaround, unforeseen delays may occur, in which case we'll promptly inform you.

For certain custom requests, a minimum order quantity may apply. Should you require assistance with customisation, don't hesitate to reach out via email, and we'll respond promptly to assist you.

Various EnaBolt 4 colours available
Both pin and barrel are laser engraved with matching numbers.
Pin and barrel are attached for convenience sake.

Comparison Table

  EnaBolt 1c EnaBolt 2a EnaBolt 3 EnaBolt 4 EnaBolt 5a EnaBolt 6 EnaBolt 7 EnaBolt 8 EnaBolt mini HanaLock
barrel length 31mm 37.0mm 18.0mm 17.0mm 33.8mm 33mm 34mm 31mm 25mm 35mm
barrel diameter 23.6mm 23.5mm 20.0mm 18.0mm 24.5mm 20.5mm 15.0mm 22mm 12.7mm 22.8mm
pin length 87.4mm 84.5mm 87.0mm 70mm 85.5mm 74mm 74mm 81.6mm 37mm 76mm (uncoated)
78.5mm (coated)
pin diameter 8.0mm steel pin
(11.0mm inc. coating)
8.0mm steel pin
(10.0mm inc. coating)
4.0mm cable wire 5.0mm steel pin
(7.0mm inc. coating)
8.0mm steel pin
(11.0mm inc. coating)
8.0mm steel pin 8.0mm steel pin
(11.0mm inc. coating)
8.0mm steel pin 4mm 8.0mm (uncoated)
12.6mm (coated)
material steel
abs plastic
abs plastic
abs plastic
abs plastic
abs plastic
abs plastic
abs plastic
steel steel
abs plastic
abs plastic
locking distance 54.9mm 44.0mm 54.0mm 44.0mm 48mm 48mm 48mm tba 20mm 54mm (uncoated)
41mm (coated)
break strength >1,500kg-f >1,500kg-f >660kg-f >500kg-f >1,500kg-f >1,200kg-f >1,500kg-f >1,500kg-f >300kg-f >1,000kg-f
export friendly yes yes no no yes yes yes yes no yes
iso/pas 17712 yes yes     yes yes yes yes   yes
anti-spin yes yes no no yes yes yes yes no yes, limited
encapulation no no no no no no yes no no no
feature     flexible cable         all-metal build   180° rotation limit


Features Plastic enclosure for the barrel is made of high quality ABS material to withstand impact.
Only plastic surfaces are exposed after seal is applied to show evidence of physical tampering of the seal.
Material Pin: Steel
Barrel: Steel
Body: ABS plastic
Colours Orange
Dimensions Barrel diameter: 18mm x 17mm
Pin diameter: 5mm (7mm inc. coating)
Markings Serial numbers on pin and barrel

Serial numbers
Barcode (available on selected colours only)
Customised markings (back side)

* May include B-Sealed markings
Print method Laser engraved
Breaking strength Tensile strength of 4.9kN
Applications Cargo containers
Trailer vehicle doors
Rail freight
Customisations Custom markings
* Minimum order quantities required
For more information bsealed.co/enabolt4
Request a quote for larger order quantities and inquire about our customised branding options