LuggageLock™ BIO+ Orange

with biodegradable additives

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Luggage protection Securing luggage 


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Product details

The original LuggageLock™ is a disposable tamper evident security seal designed for use with travel bags. Simply thread through the zipper heads, pull it tight through the locking hole. Break the number tab off LuggageLock™ and keep it safely for reference. Don't get caught up with counterfeit or cloned LuggageLocks.

New and sustainable range of products by B-Sealed, includes LuggageLock™ BIO+. We have added biodegradable additives to help break down those plastics. Of course we still always recommend recycling as the best method. 

LuggageLock Family Pack of 30
LuggageLock sealed with tear off tab

Tear-off number tab

LuggageLock tear off
LuggageLock serial number pair tabs

Tool-less removal

Unique serialised numbers

No numbers the same


Features Tool-less removal
Tear-off number tab
Unique serialised numbers
Material Body: Polypropylene with biodegradable additives
Jaw: Stainless steel
Colours BIO Orange
Dimensions Stem diameter: 2.0mm
Stem length: 150mm
Min. locking diameter: 3.0mm

Tag length: 50mm
Tag width: 18mm
Serial numbers
Print method Hot stamping
Breaking strength 12kg-f
Applications Travellers
Baggage handlings
Hotel concierge
Customisations Custom markings
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