mini-JawLock 200 type-R

Round smooth pull tight seals

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Medical & safety equipment Ground transportation Boxes & cases Roll cages Doors & hatches Catering carts Customs Duty free carts Intermodal containers Valuable items ATM cassettes Cash bags Clinical waste Forensic evidence Personal luggage Multi purpose Sealing equipment Sealing cash boxes Sealing poker machines 


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Product Information

The Mini-JawLock Type-R has been upgraded to include enhanced tamper-resistant features. Its slim and smooth stem is complemented by a long tag that can be laser-marked with barcodes and QR codes, allowing for easy tracking and identification. The seal also boasts a stainless steel spring jaw and heat-stake cover caps for increased security.

Furthermore, the Mini-JawLock Type-R has tail keeper holes located near the locking chamber. These holes provide a convenient way to secure excess tail to prevent it from becoming a safety hazard or obstruction.

B-Sealed now offers sustainable range of products, including security seals made from at least 50% recycled materials, and biodegradable additives.


Security Seals Online can provide you with wide range of customised seals. We can engrave using your own artwork or create a design for you. We offer a speedy service with a short lead-time.

Enhanced security features by adding your own markings or logo to the security seals.
Create additional instructions for your users.
Emphasise warnings.
Provide additional notes.

We provide different styles of security seals, ranging from pull tight seals to security labels.

Please note that the security seals will often already include a serial number. They may also include manufacturing markings too. Additional markings will be printed on the back side of the seal.

Rapid turnaround available. Customised using our local manufacturing facilities. Despatched in 24-48 hours*. Although we endevour to despatch all orders within 24-48 hours, there may be unforeseen delays. We will let you know if this happens.

To accommodate other customised requests may include a minimum order quantity. If you need help with customising, just send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Various mini-JawLock options available
Slim yet robust mouse tail allowing quick and easy application
Tail keeper holes provides a simple way to tuck away protruding tail

Comparison Table

  BagelSeal 2 BagelSeal XL Mini-JawLock Mini-JawLock type-R JawLock Maxi-JawLock Universal Uni 300 Uni XL 400
stem type round stem round stem round stem round stem round stem round stem round stem round stem round stem
stem length 150mm
250mm 300mm
300mm 400mm
stem diameter 2.5mm 4.0mm 2.0mm 2.0mm 2.2mm 4.0mm 2.3mm 2.3mm 2.5mm
material polypropylene plastic
stainless steel
polypropylene plastic
stainless steel
polypropylene plastic
stainless steel
polypropylene plastic
stainless steel
polypropylene plastic
stainless steel
polypropylene plastic
stainless steel
polypropylene plastic
stainless steel
polypropylene plastic
stainless steel
polypropylene plastic
stainless steel
tag size 50mm x 20mm (BagelSeal 2 145)
55.7mm x 25mm (BagelSeal 2 240)
105mm x 65mm (BagelSeal 2 145 BT)
55mm x 25mm 30mm x 18mm
50mm x 18mm (LT)
35mm x 18mm
50mm x 18mm (LT)
55mm x 28mm 67.5mm x 30mm 40mm x 22mm 36mm x 19mm 36mm x 19mm
break strength >13kg-f >28kg-f >12kg-f >12kg-f >12kg-f >35kg-f >15kg-f   >25kg-f
features           prongs back sticker labels back sticker labels prongs
back sticker labels
optional big tag   tool-free tear-off
coloured cover caps
tool-free tear-off
tool-free tear-off
  tool-free tear-off tool-free tear-off


Features Small 2.0mm strap diameter is suitable for applications with small sealing apertures
Heat-staking sealed cover cap
Tail keeper holes
Stainless steel spring locking mechanism enhances security once applied
Long tag allows laser-marking of barcodes, serial numbers or QR codes
Material Jaw: Stainless steel
Body: Polypropylene plastic
Colours Pastel Red / Pink
Pastel Yellow
Pastel Green
Pastel Blue
Dimensions Stem diameter: 2.0mm
Stem length: 200mm
Flag length: 50mm
Flag width: 18mm
Markings Serial numbers
Barcode - Code 128

Serial numbers & Barcode
Additional customised markings (other side)
Specific and customised markings available. Ask one of our product specialist for some options.
Print method Laser engraved
Breaking strength 12kg-f
Applications Airline food and duty free trolleys
Tote boxes and security containers
Cash bags and courier bags
ATM cassettes
Canisters and drums
Customisations Various colour
Logo and other markings
Laser engraved / Hot stamped
Serial numbers
Barcodes & QR codes (laser)

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
For more information
Request a quote for larger order quantities and inquire about our customised branding options