PlatSeal 440 Red - Carton of 1,000

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Sealing cloth bags Sealing valves Sealing tautliners 


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Product Information

The PlatSeal is a pull-tight seal specially picked for its availability in extra long lengths. In incorporates a stainless steel jaw for a smooth pulling action without compromising security.

Due to its long lengths, extra attention to detail has been put into its design, such as centimeter spaced numerical markings along its stem to allow cutting of the strap once the number the strap has been pulled to has been logged.

Another design inclusion is a tail holder to allow the strap to be looped back to prevent the tail from sticking out.

A set of spikes provides grip when sealing fabric bags to reduce the possibility of the seal slipping off during transport.

Various SlickSeal colours available

Embossed insertion
Stainless steel jaw
Strap markings
Tail holder
Neck spikes
SlickSeal 300
SlickSeal 300
SmoothLock 300
SmoothLock 300
SegurLock 300
SegurLock 300
PlatSeal 440
PlatSeal 440
TeraLock 400
TeraLock 400
Breaking strength 25 to 30kg-f 25kg-f 25kg-f 35kg-f 40kg-f 45kg-f
Stem length 300mm 300mm 300mm 440mm 350mm 400mm
Stem width 6.5mm 5.0mm 6.0mm 7.0mm 6.0mm 7.0mm
Stem thickness 1.8mm 2.0mm 1.6mm 2.0mm 2.2mm 1.7mm
Tag size 45mm x 30mm 67mm x 30mm 50mm x 23mm 62.5mm x 25mm 47mm x 29.2mm 50mm x 23mm
Jaw type Metal jaw Metal jaw Metal jaw Metal jaw Metal jaw Metal jaw
Tear off Yes Optional Optional   Optional Optional



Features Numerical markings to allow cutting of strap
Tail holder for a lower profile once sealed when cutting is not desired
Neck spikes for grip on bags
Material Jaw: Stainless steel
Body: Polypropylene plastic
Colours Red
Dimensions Stem width: 7.0mm
Stem length: 437.5mm working length
Stem thickness: 2.0mm

Tag size: 62.5mm x 25mm
Markings Serial numbers
* May include B-Sealed or manufacturer markings 
Print method Hot stamped
Breaking strength Average 35kg-f
Applications Postal and courier bags
Tailer doors
Customisations Custom markings
Laser engraved

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