Releasable Cable Ties

Reusable cable ties

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Product Information

Releasable cable ties, also known as reusable cable ties or releasable zip ties, are versatile fastening solutions designed to secure cables, wires, and various items with the added benefit of being easily released and reused when needed. They are adjustable, allowing you to tighten or loosen them to accommodate different cable bundles or object sizes. This adjustability makes them reusable, as they can be released without damage and used again for another application. Reusable cable ties align with environmentally conscious practices by reducing waste. They are a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic ties.

Various colours available.
Cable Ties general use.
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Features Internal serrations allowing for a positive hold onto cable and pipe bundles.
Design of the head guarantees a high tensile strength while allowing a very low insertion force.
Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C.
EU CE, EU RoHS and REACH certified.
Material Nylon 66
Colours Natural White
Dimensions Length: 150mm to 500mm
Width: 4.8mm to 7.4mm
Markings None
Breaking strength Various
Applications Bags
Customisations Colours

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