RibSeal 270 with label capture

Heavy duty pull tight seals

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In stock  Laser markings  Recyclable Polypropylene  Customised in Australia  Rapid turnaround available  

Sealing mail bags Sealing cloth bags Multi purpose 


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Product Information

The RibSeal is the ultimate in single moulded, pull-tight seals. With an average breaking strength ranging from 38 to 42kg, the RibSeal will take on anything you throw at it. A staggered pattern of spikes provides grip when sealing fabric bags to reduce the possibility of the seal slipping off during transport. With an inbuilt label capture, supplementary tags can be attached and sealed together when applied.


Security Seals Online can provide you with wide range of customised seals. We can engrave using your own artwork or create a design for you. We offer a speedy service with a short lead-time.

Enhanced security features by adding your own markings or logo to the security seals.
Create additional instructions for your users.
Emphasise warnings.
Provide additional notes.

We provide different styles of security seals, ranging from pull tight seals to security labels.

Please note that the security seals will often already include a serial number. They may also include manufacturing markings too. Additional markings will be printed on the back side of the seal.

Rapid turnaround available. Customised using our local manufacturing facilities. Despatched in 24-48 hours*. Although we endevour to despatch all orders within 24-48 hours, there may be unforeseen delays. We will let you know if this happens.

To accommodate other customised requests may include a minimum order quantity. If you need help with customising, just send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Various RibSeal colours available

Neck spikes

providing extra friction to grib fabric
Neck spikes to grib fabric
Label capture allowing extra tags to be attached

Label capture

allowing supplementary tags to be attached

Laser marking

the ability to resist solvent attacks as the printing is embedded
Laser printing logo and numbers


  AceLock SentryLock BagLock Lite BagLock Combi Nylon LightLock LightLock V2 LiteTag 1 LiteTag 2 RibSeal PrimeLock
stem length 200mm
270mm 240mm
160mm 220mm 170mm 200mm 115mm 270mm 300mm
stem width - - 5.0mm 6.0mm - - - - - 8.0mm 6.4mm
stem thickness - - 2.3mm 2.5mm - - - - - 1.9mm 2.7mm
stem diameter 3.0mm 3.8mm - - 2.7mm 2.6mm 2.8mm 2.6mm 1.0mm - -
tag size 18mm x 29mm 28mm x 50mm 32mm x 25mm 25mm x 40mm 20mm x 10mm 21.3mm x 33.5mm 21.3mm x 33.5mm 18mm x 33mm 24mm x 14mm 45mm x 25mm 20mm x 50mm
20mm x 70mm (LT)
material polypropylene plastic
acetal plastic
polypropylene plastic
acetal plastic
polypropylene plastic polypropylene plastic nylon plastic polypropylene plastic polypropylene plastic polypropylene plastic polypropylene plastic polypropylene plastic polypropylene plastic
break strength >12kg-f >19kg-f >10kg-f >22kg-f >13kg-f tug break >9kg-f tug break tug break >38kg-f >32kg-f
component design multi multi single molded single molded multi single molded single molded single molded single molded single molded single molded
feature             tool-free tear-off     label capture tool-free tear-off
label capture
optional tool-free tear-off
tool-free tear-off
  biodegradable   biodegradable biodegradable       biodegradable


Features Very high breaking strength of 38 to 42kg
Completely made of recyclable polypropylene
Material Polypropylene plastic
Colours Light Blue
Light Yellow
Dimensions Total length: 320mm

Stem length: 270mm
Stem width: 8.0mm
Stem thickness: 1.9mm

Tag length: 45mm
Tag width: 25mm

Serial numbers

Serial numbers
Customised markings (back side)

* May include B-Sealed markings

Print method Laser engraved
Breaking strength 38 to 42kg-f
Applications Postal bags & small courier bags
Cash bags
Fuel oil tankers
Edible oil tankers
Customisations Custom markings

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
For more information bsealed.co/ribseal
Request a quote for larger order quantities and inquire about our customised branding options