RotatoSeal 2

comes with 300mm wire

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Product Information

The RotatoSeal 2 is a crimp-free security seal ideal for sealing small locking holes. Application is intuitive so training is minimal. No costly investment of crimpling pliers because of its tool-free design.

A larger tab has been incorporated into the design to make it easier to twist when applying the seal.

Various RotatoSeal 2 colours available
The RotatoSeal 2 incorporates a large tab to aid in twisting the wire when applying the seal.
The twist tab should be broken off after application to preserve seal integrity.


Features Made of polycarbonate for durability and impact resistance.
Twisted metal wire provides tamper evidence while its nylon coating provides a user-friendly surface for ease-of-application.
Transparent body allows visual inspection of the seal's locking mechanism to confirm proper application.
0.65mm diameter stainless steel cable wire of 300mm length as standard.
Material Body (outer): Polycarbonate plastic
Body (inner): ABS or polypropylene plastic

Wire: Steel wire with nylon coating or Steel wire
* Included wires may vary
Colours Red
Dimensions Barrel diameter: 15mm
Barrel depth: 22.5mm
Barrel height: 11.5mm
Tag size: 24mm x 9.5mm

Wire length: 300mm
Wire diameter: 0.65mm inc. coating
Markings Serial numbers
Print method Laser engraved
Breaking strength -
Applications Utility meters
Transport meters
Gas & fuel meters
Utility boxes
Customisations Various colours
Logo and other markings
Serial numbers
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