LF50mm (⌀28mm to ⌀30mm) Heat Shrink Sleeves

Suitable for diameters ⌀28mm to ⌀30mm

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Product Information

Heat shrink sleeves are clear plastic bands that fit around the opening or sometimes wrap around the entire product. Once heat is applied to the band, it will shrink and fit onto the product. These clear plastic bands feature perforation for easy removal, ensuring once they're torn off, they cannot be reapplied, enhancing tamper-proof protection. An effective way to create consumer confidence, providing security and peace of mind to you and your customer.

Please note that the layflat width differs from the bottle diameter.

To determine the appropriate size for your jars or containers, measure the widest part's diameter, add 1-2mm, multiply by 1.57. The cut length (CL) indicates the band's height.

Installation is simple: slide the band over the designated area, apply heat at 80-120°C with a heat gun or tunnel, and watch as the bands shrink to fit snugly onto the container.

Applied to various sizes bottles and jars.
Apply heat to seal.
Customisations available. Ask us!


Features Easy to apply.
Perforations optional.
Printing optional.
Material 40micron PVC shrink film
Colours Clear transparent
Dimensions Various
Markings None
Applications Food jars and bottles
Packaging box
Customisations Custom markings
For more information bsealed.co/heatshrink
Request a quote for larger order quantities and inquire about our customised branding options