UnoLock 2.0

Bolt seals

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Sealing containers Sealing truck doors Intermodal containers 


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Product Information

The UnoLock 2 is the ideal seal for sealing shipping containers. With a pull load of 1,000kg, matching seal and pin numbers and tamper evident pin coating, the UnoLock is a very high security barrier seal.

  • Total seal number encapsulation with non-rotatable pin insertion.
  • Matching seal number on pin and barrel for tighter security control
  • Entire plastic enclosure for the barrel and pin is made of hard durable SAN plastic to reveal evidence of any attempts at tampering
  • Hardened steel locking mechanism is enclosed in a heavy-duty plastic barrel
  • All material components are zinc coated to protect against environmental attack


Features 8.5mm steel pin diameter
Material Pin: Steel
Barrel: Steel
Body: SAN plastic
Colours Green
Dimensions Barrel diameter: 24.8mm
Pin diameter: 8.5mm
Markings Serial numbers
Print method Laser engraved
Breaking strength >1000kg-f
Applications Cargo containers
Trailer vehicle doors
Rail freight
Customisations Custom markings
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