Water Indicator Labels 3mm

Water evident labels

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Product Information

X-Safe water contact indicator label is a water-ingress label that will changes colour from white to red when liquid comes in contact with the it. This product is designed to withstand humidity aging without giving water indication and it will continue to show indication, even after prolonged submersion in water.

Changes colour from white to red when comes in contact with water or liquid


Features Used where positive indication of water or aqueous solution contact is desired
Available in various shapes and sizes
Customisation is available on a case-by-case basis.
Material Polyester
Colours White
Dimensions 3mm round diameter
5mm round diameter
Markings None
* May include B-Sealed or manufacturer markings
Print method -
Adhesive type Water indicator type
Applications Electronics
Mobile phones, LCD, Electrical appliances
Packaging, Boxes and envelopes
Customisations Size

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
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