50mm x 74M Non-Transfer Perforations

Security tape

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Product Information

We have an alternative product, X-Safe 230x45mm Non-Transfer Label

X-Safe Tamper Evident Security Tape voids when peeled off.

The tapes are in continuous roll form so they can be applied in required lengths. There is a perforation every 226mm length. Each roll comes approximately 327 segments.

Hybrid Tape and Label

Leave no marks on surface

Adhesive type

NON-TRANSFER - where no void message or low traces of adhesive is left behind on the surface. Instead only the security label will exhibit the void message, preventing reuse of the label. With no void message left on the surface, the recipient must be aware there should be a security label, as a missing label or a different serial number is evidence of tampering. However, having no residue is convenient for when the sealed object is meant to be reused quickly - less time is spent cleaning off traces of adhesive.


Features Comes with release liner
Perforations every 22.6cm for tool-less cutting on application (X5074RNT)
Uniquely numbered every perforated segment (X5074RNT)
Material Polyster
Adhesive Type Non-Transfer
Dimensions Roll format: 50mm x 74m
Label format: 50mm x 22.6mm
Markings Serial Numbers
* May include B-Sealed markings
Applications Carton boxes
Pallet wrapping
Customisations Custom markings

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
For more information www.bsealed.com.au/product/securitylabels/hybridtape