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These ZipLock security seals are used with our range of ZipLock enclosure fitted security bags.

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Product Information

These ZipLock security seals are used with our range of ZipLock enclosure fitted security bags. All you need to do is fix the zipper head in place by use of a ZipLock seal, while its unique serial number is logged for security. The ZipLock seal is easily removed without a cutting tool but is destroyed in the process, providing evidence of entry. Don't forget we have a wide range of bags available.

New and sustainable range of products by B-Sealed, includes ZipLock BIO+. We have added biodegradable additives to help break down those plastics. Of course we still always recommend recycling as the best method. 

Various ziplock colours available
Compatible with various closure types
How to use ziplock
Close up of the closure

Wide range

colours available


Features Used in conjunction with ZipLock enclosure equipped security bags.
Individually printed with serial numbers for auditing and security.
No tools required to remove seals.
Material Polypropylene plastic
Polypropylene plastic with biodegradable additives
Colours Red 
Dimensions Length: 23.8mm
Width: 11.5mm
Thickness: 2.0mm
Tag size: 14.8mm x 11.5mm
Markings Serial numbers

Additional markings such as company name
Print method Inkjet
Laser engraved
Closure ZipLock compatible
Applications Financial services industry
Supermarkets & department stores
Prison services
Military base
Government departments
Postal services
Hotels & clubs
Customisations Custom markings
Biodegradable additives
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