40m Galvanised Steel Sealing Wire

Galvanised steel wire

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Recyclable metals  

Sealing equipment Sealing valves Sealing cabinets Sealing meters Sealing switchboards 


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Product Information

Wire suitable for use in MeterLock, CrimpLock, TwistLockRotatoSeal & AnchorLock. Comes in a roll of 40m.

Sealing crimp wires available in various types of material, including stainless steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel with nylon coating, and copper.

Rolls of galvanised twisted wire.
Non-twisted wires available.
Stainless steel, galvanised steel, nylon coated, and copper wires available.
Copper wires are suitable in the fuel handling field to avoid any possibility of sparking while using it.


Features Twisted wire for use with CrimpLocks and MeterLocks
Material Galvanised steel twisted
Colours Silver
Dimensions Wire length: 40 metres
Wire diameter: 1.2mm (0.5mm inner wire, 0.3mm outer wire)
Markings None
Applications Utility meters & valves
Valves in petrochemical industry
Recycled water taps
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