E2 300 x 250mm Envelope type Bag

Reusable envelope-type bag

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Recyclable PVC    

Securing valuables Securing documents  Cash handling 


Our reusable security bags are used in conjunction with ZipLock security seals to make them tamper evident.

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Product Information

Our security bags are designed for multiple use and can be secured with ZipLock seals to prevent tampering. The zipper head is held securely in place with a specially designed housing that requires a ZipLock seal, and each seal is assigned a unique serial number that is recorded. The bag itself is made of high-quality material that includes embedded mesh for added strength and evidence of tampering if the mesh is cut. The bag also features a heat-welded window that can be used to attach notes and cards, but it can only be accessed from the inside to ensure security. For documents and notes, we offer envelope-style bags that are thin and compact, making them an excellent choice for transporting important papers.

** The Red colour bag is an old closure model and currently under clearance sale **

Various envelope bags available
ZipLock closure
Stacked envelope type bags

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material pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin polyester twill
locking closure zipLock
ziplock zipLock
ziplock ziplock ziplock eyelet eyelet eyelet
feature barcode
internal window
external window
internal window
internal window
internal window
internal window barcode
internal window
external window
internal window
internal window internal window drawstring
handle straps
cord lock


Features Heavy duty
Flame retardant
Internally accessible window
High quality PVC & polyster sandwich
Used in conjunction with ZipLock
No tools required to remove seals
Material PVC tarpaulin
Colours Red (old closure)
Dimensions Length: 300mm
Height: 250mm
Markings B-Sealed tags and logo
Serial numbers
* Note that some bags do not have serial numbers and barcodes
Feature Internal window
Applications Financial services industry
Supermarkets & department stores
Prison services
Military base
Government departments
Postal services
Hotels & clubs
Customisations Custom markings

Ask us for customised options (minimum order quantity required)
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